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A one-liner version number incrementor

For a project I'm maintaining I've written a release script, after bodging one too many releases. For this, I came up with this helpful little snippet to increment version numbers.

inc_version() {
	awk -F. -vOFS=. '{ $ver++; while(ver++<NF) $ver=0; print $0 }' ver=$1

You just give it a version number on stdin, tell it which part you need incremented, and you'll get it properly changed on stdout. Fields right of the one given get zeroed out.

echo "1.2.3" | inc_version 3

echo "1.2.3" | inc_version 2

echo "1.2.3" | inc_version 1

If your version number ends on a build- or version control identifier, just replace NF with NF-1, so the zeroing stops one field short.