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DerStandard.at Live Ticker Terminal Viewer

A reader for live news tickers from Austrian newspaper Der Standard for the command line people. It's UNIX-y: no ncurses or advanced cursor manipulation, backend written in shell, frontend in awk. With the sixty column reflow one can easily fit three or more tickers side-by-side.

./ticker 2000109165686 | ./format img=1 wdiff=1

Get it

The scripts currently live in the dst-live repository. A list of dependencies is below.

See it in Action

Images can be displayed inline using viu or as plain links:

updates are diffed using GNU wdiff(1):

Editorially selected comments from derStandard.at or Twitter are inlined in italics:


Programs with a manual section next to them will most likely be in your dirtribution's package repositories. For viu and websocat you'll probably need to resort to their git repositories (binaries available under the releases page).

"Screenshots" generated with libVTE's Copy-as-HTML feature. Ticker text copyright 2019 Der Standard; reproduced for illustrative purposes.