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Porn...in ASCII Art
2015-04-07: Exploration of the PornHub API and ASCII video renderers
Emoji keyboard - Linux version
2015-09-26: Tom Scott's bodgework for X.org
Building a Router out of a Raspberry Pi
2015-12-06: A man, a plan, a Pi, an LCD, an LTE modem, and a WiFi adapter.
USB Gadgets on the Raspberry Pi Zero (and A)
2016-02-22: Use your Pi Zero as a keyboard, ethernet device, serial adapter, midi keyboard, ...
Vessel.com: A sustainable alternative to YouTube?
2016-05-02: Armchair reasoning about a (surprise: now defunct) paid-for youtube alternative
Base65536: Unicode's answer to Base64
2016-07-03: Most efficient printable-only encoding to day (if your storage encodes as UTF-32)
I tried Ubuntu Touch for a Month
2016-08-05: Using uTouch as a daily driver. Note that this was before the transfer to ubports.
Load balancing Internet connections for faster torrenting
2016-10-02: Tool for bundling multiple internet connections
Back to the Future: Using a DEC VT220 from 1983
2016-10-26: What I use my physical incarnation of the cool-retro-term for
Making a bridge between DVB Teletext and the Internet
2017-03-25: Fetch (nearly) tweet sized news bites from terrestrial TV, and display them neatly.
The Free Software Experience on Android (1/2)
2019-01-18: Part 1: What you're getting into
Free Software on Android (2/2): Nice Apps
2019-01-19: Part 2: What you're getting out of it

Other ramblings

Importing Flash-based livestreams to XBMC (now Kodi)
2014-03-12: Adding RTMP streams into Kodi is (used to be?) just way to compicated
Wireless security in Tyrolean intercity bus (in German)
2014-11-04: Imagine some sarcastic air-quotes around "security" in the title above, please.
Data Security with used HDDs from local shops (in German)
2015-08-20: Why you shouldn't sell your hard disks. Ever.
Comparison of different types of TrackPoint nubs
2016-02-08: Who knew you had choices back then! See also: xkcd#243.
Epaper downloader for Austrian newspaper Der Standard
2016-04-13: Improving the desktop experience of reading my daily news