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Filter Amazon Listings Not Shipping to You
2018-12-15: Simple userscript reimplementation of a closed source addon that violates your privacy.
whois Robert Marschall
2018-09-30: Some notes about some innocent looking Austrian websites (in German).
2018-05-06: Adblockblockblock script for a newspaper I'm subscribed to.
My version of sl
2018-03-29: I found the steam locomotive too intrusive.
Hard- and Software I like
2017-11-09: A tongue-in-cheek collection of the tools I enjoy using.
Dirty Hacks and other Awful Code
2017-10-13: I've written my fair share of code that wouldn't pass any review. Some of it might be interesting or amusing to have a look at.
iSticktoit Archive
2014-present: Mirror of posts I've written for iSticktoit.net with this blog's stylesheet.